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De Bethune is honored to receive the 2014 Spiral award in "Best Design & Concept Watch" category for Dream Watch 5 model

This year, the third edition of the Spiral magazine awards was held in Hong Kong. Within the Best Design & Concept watch category, a total of 10 watches were selected by editors of Spiral for voting.

The voting result consists of 50% from professional panel, 30% from voting by Spiral reader and 20% from Spiral’s editors. The award consists of key judging elements in improvement of brand image, design and technical skills.
Inside the Bethune Manufacture

De Bethune won the prize of the best chronograph of the year at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix for its DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon

The prize-giving ceremony for the 14th edition of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix (GPHG) was held at the Grand Théâtre in Geneva on October 31st 2014, in the presence of Swiss Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann, the authorities of the Canton of Geneva and representatives of the international watch industry.

Among the pre-selected watches, the international and highly qualified jury of this 14th edition chose the DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon to receive the prestigious award of the best chronograph of the year.
The SIAR awarded the DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon in the category of "Reloj Cronógrafo"

Each year, during the closing gala of the salon Alta Relojera in Mexico City, an international jury of journalists specialized in watchmaking select the best models of the year to award them a prize. This ceremony has become a key event in all of Latin America.

Last year, De Bethune had already had the honor to receive at this occasion an award in the category "Marca en ascenso" with DB28T Black gold model.

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A watches TV report

Adjusting The Movement – Chronometry Saga n°4

Gaël Monfils to serve as De Bethune Ambassador

Geneva - June 2014

De Bethune announces a three-year partnership with French player Gaël Monfils, thereby making a spectacular arrival on the world’s tennis courts.

This brilliant, atypical and impetuous French tennis player, known for his spectacular slides and multiple nicknames, is taking on the role of ambassador for Haute Horlogerie brand De Bethune!

A 27 year-old tennis pro currently holding the 21 spot in the ATP ranking (highest rank to date 7th), Gaël is above all an excellent all-round athlete blessed with outstanding physical abilities that are admirably expressed on the tennis court as well as on a football field or a basketball court. Monfils displays strength, endurance as well as fire and spirit: his famous stretches and amazing jump heights, rendered possible by his almost feline overall elasticity, have earned him a variety of monikers including Sliderman, La Monf’ and Pantera. These acrobatic moves enhance a game style essentially based on surpassing existing standards and limits – a value that lies at the very core of the De Bethune philosophy.

Such boldness and a keen determination to push the boundaries are exactly the kind of characteristics shared by the artisans, watchmaking technicians and engineers of the youthful Manufacture with its 19 calibres and ten or so patents developed in just 12 years of existence.

As a young watch collector who has already acquired a penchant for beautiful horological mechanisms, Gaël emphasises the cutting-edge nature of the innovations featured in these models, along with their strongly identifiable design.

“I have around 30 watches, but De Bethune creations truly stand out from all the rest. I appreciate the technical nature and the innovations they have brought to the watchmaking world”, adds the long-time holder of the record for the most powerful forehand on the circuit (190 km/h).”

Through this partnership, De Bethune – a ‘confidential’ brand positioned in a niche market with an annual production of between 300 to 400 watches retailing at an average price of CHF 90,000 – is accompanying a peerless athlete and supporting the promising development of a professional tennis career.

For brand CEO Pierre Jacques, this association reflects a state of mind, shared values and a similar taste for excellence and independence.

“He’s an atypical personality, who never does anything the way other people do”. At this year’s Wimbledon tournament, Gaël will be wearing a customised DB28 Black Matt model with a blued titanium ring reflecting the brand’s signature colour.
DreamWatch 5

Geneva - January 2014

Transcending horology through artistry in order to leave room for the emotional force and the beauty of the work: such is the message delivered by David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet.

The quest undertaken by De Bethune and expressed through its timepiece is intended to embody 21st century watchmaking.

Understanding historical principles and the works of the Great Masters serves to build contemporary creations and to establish aesthetic codes aimed at perpetuating the timeless nature of watchmaking.

Tomorrow’s watchmaking is the object of daily study and thought for David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet, who interpret it through all the entire range of horological creations of De Bethune. The Dream Watch collection is at once the most extreme and the most accomplished embodiment of this creative folly.

Whether it stems from the past, is expressed in the present or foreshadows the future, the beauty in art is truly eternal. The Dream Watch 5 aims to nurture this aesthetic ambition thanks to its design codes and the means borrowed from the field of horology favoured by the brand founders. This model positioned on the frontiers of an eclectic watchmaking scene is indeed not necessarily defined as a watch, since its horological attributes – however innovative and high-tech – do not constitute the primary interest of this creation.

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Premios Tiempo de Relojes "Marca en ascenso" for the model DB28T Black Gold

Mexico - October 2013

De Bethune is delighted to announce that we receive an award in the category of "Marca en ascenso" for the model DB28T Black gold.

During the closing gala dinner, the Tiempo de Relojes specialised watch magazine held its festive Best of the Year Awards ceremony. A jury of journalists specialized in watchmaking and jewelry expert, is responsible for identifying which models of the brands to be nominated in different categories.

De Bethune were at the SIAR, from October 1st to 3rd, the most important show in Latin America. A premium international event where locals and foreigners share their passion for haute horology.
De Bethune is mobilizing for the exceptional Only Watch auction


On September 28th, was held in Monaco at the Hotel Hermitage, under the high patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, the fifth edition of Only Watch. This auction of exceptional watches auction orchestrated by Antiquorum Geneva, was organized in support of the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

De Bethune is once again mobilizing for the exceptional Only Watch auction with the unique timepieces "DB28 Skybrige MC". The watch is in platinum with De Bethune star-studded sky in blued mirror-polished titanium encrusted with white gold and diamond stars representing the sky as seen from Monaco on November 19, 1857.

De Bethune is delighted to announce that the DB28 Skybridge MC has been sold for 95000 euros.
DB28 Skybridge MC platinum for Only Watch

September 2013

DB28 Skybridge MC in platinum with De Bethune star-studded sky in blued mirror-polished titanium encrusted with white gold and diamond stars representing the sky as seen from Monaco on November 19, 1857.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2013
11 AM (GMT +1)

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18-30 September 2013

The first global pop-up store created by The Hour Glass bears the self-explanatory name of "Super Machines Horological Heroes".

Situated at the heart of Orchard Road in the Paragon Center, this exhibition offers an exceptional experience to discover masterpieces, such as the Imperial Fountain Exclusive Edition.

Don't miss this 13-day unique cultural showcase.

De Bethune boutique celebrates it's first anniversary


It's during "Les Vendanges de Genève" that the De Bethune boutique celebrates it's first anniversary.

The exquisite combination of wine and timepieces made this night remarkable. De Bethune would like to thank his partner "Le Domaine Grand'Cour Pellegrin" for the tasting. With a visit of 1'300 people, we couldn't expect a better success for this event.
De Bethune IX Mayan Underworld named a Best of the Best

June 2013

De Bethune IX Mayan Underworld named a Best of the Best in Robb Report’s recently released June issue

The De Bethune IX Mayan Underworld is named Best of the Best for the category of Style Men’s Watches, Visual Artistry, in Robb Report’s recently released June issue. The 25th annual edition of Best of the Best is the quintessential guide to the world’s finest new automobiles, yachts, hotels, watches, wines and more. De Bethune’s 12-piece IX Mayan Underworld limited edition was created for the much-anticipated end of the Mayan Long Count calendar.

On the dial, the engraver Michèle Rothen blends Mayan numerals and a number of religious and temporal glyphs (some of which have only recently been deciphered) with accents in De Bethune’s signature blued titanium to fashion a stunning relief. The engraved timepiece pays tribute to a culture’s unique way of representing the universe."

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DB25 Imperial Fountain


"...There was, in a corner of the world, a wonder of the world; this wonder was called the Summer Palace. Art has two principles, the Idea, which produces European art, and the Chimera,which produces oriental art. The Summer Palace was to chimerical art what the Parthenon is to ideal art. All that can be begotten of the imagination of an almost extra-human people was there. It was not a single, unique work like the Parthenon. It was a kind of enormous model of the chimera, if the chimera can have a model..."
Excerpt from the letter to Captain Butler – Victor Hugo - Hauteville House, November 25th 1861

Based on the IXème inframonde Maya special series, and building on the wealth of accomplishment involved in such a creative work, De Bethune presents a set composed of 12 art pieces, the DB25 Imperial Fountain.

The solid gold dials are adorned with animal symbols of the Chinese zodiac hand-engraved with a free interpretation of the bronze heads surrounding the fountain of the former Summer Palace nestling in the Yuan Ming Yuan garden near Beijing, China.

Each of the central engravings done by artist Michèle Rothen, featuring a bas-relief depiction of one of the twelve animal heads, is adorned with Grand Feu enamelling using the delicate and highly precise technique of translucent enamel applied to chased reliefs. So as to conceal nothing of this colourful and sculptural décor, slender flame-blued steel hands sweep gracefully around the dial periphery. This circumferential display mechanism required the engineers and watchmakers of the Manufacture to develop the new Calibre DB2145, exclusively designed in such a way as to free the centre of the movement from any mechanical components.

The hours and minutes functions thus positioned around the rim of the dial called for the development of perfectly balanced micro ball bearings as well as the development of a specific toothing profile for the transmission of the discs bearing the hands.

A complex combination of sculpture, hydraulic technology, as well as both Chinese and European aesthetics, the fountain located in the Yuan MingYuan (Garden of Gardens, or Garden of Perfect Brightness) built in the 18th century by Italian and French Jesuits with the help of Chinese artisans (for the Chinese emperor Qianlong), was in fact a clepsydra of great historical value.

Arranged in a semi-circle, twelve bronze heads depicting the animals of the Chinese zodiac spit water towards the centre of the fountain and take turns in step with their zodiac-based hours.

Revolts, pillaging and damage have reduced the Yuan Ming Yuan to a state of ruin amid which only 7 of the 12 original zodiac animal heads have been found. These sculptures, representing powerful symbols for the Chinese, are the object of much debate both in China and in the world. Recently, within the context of a major public sculpture project, named Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads, the provocative artist Ai Weiwei reinterpreted the animal heads representing the traditional Chinese zodiac that once adorned the famous fountain – a work that received international acclaim.

From fine arts to the age-old expertise of its technicians, De Bethune has chosen to highlight the artistic crafts and convey its determination to the proud legacy shared by goldsmiths and watchmakers. Applied to contemporary timepieces stemming from state-of-the-art technologies, these meticulous and sophisticated ancestral arts convey rare and precious emotions, while contributing to the creation of objects that are the epitome of excellence.

Download the press release for the additional information (PDF)
DB28 Skybridge


An infinite expanse of the heavenly firmament stretches across its dreamlike face. Ancestral skills and the latest scientific breakthroughs meet and mingle under the impetus of David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet.

They merge to make this timepiece a perfect summary of highly aesthetic ambition and peerless technical precision. Skybridge embodies the entire repertoire of the Manufacture De Bethune.

While classically inspired in terms of its round shape, its 12 o’clock crown and its hunter-type back borrowed from pocket watches, the ultra-light mirror-polished titanium case of the DB28 with its distinctive floating lugs nonetheless proclaim the collection’s modern and indeed futuristic nature.

Download the press release for the additional information (PDF)
Geneva Exhibition 2013


David Zanetta, Denis Flageollet, Pierre Jacques and the De Bethune Team are very pleased to welcome you to discover the 2013 collection and the technical innovations developed by the Manufacture.

From Sunday 20th to Friday 25th January 2013 “Four Seasons” hotel des Berges, Salon du Lac

De Bethune +41 22 310 22 71 geneva@debethune.com
Belles Montres Paris 2012


The 6th edition of "BELLES MONTRES » Salon International of prestige watch, unveil the best watchmakers from November 23nd until 25th in Paris at the Carrousel du Louvre.

A 6th edition that also aims to introduce the public all aspects of a traditionally reserved for insiders and enthusiasts of fine watchmaking.

De Bethune Booth n° 30,Carrousel du Louvre.
Salon QP London 2012


Salon QP was launched in November 2009. First held at One Marylebone, the event's aim was to allow watch buyers to get up close and personal with the top brands and their latest timepieces without any sales pressure. Since 2011, Salon QP has been held at the Saatchi Gallery in the heart of Chelsea which has allowed the event to expand with more brands exhibiting.

De Bethune booth ground floor, Saatchi Gallery
The First De Bethune Boutique has opened in Geneva


The 2012 Geneva grape harvest welcomed a new participant to this not-to-be-missed autumn get together.

The first De Bethune boutique has opened at number 1, Place Longemalle, and the brand celebrated its new residence on this occasion. Kevin Bega is running this space. A dedicated watch enthusiast, he gained his early experience at Les Ambassadeurs to which he returned after many years in the hotel industry, working for great five-star establishments.

Thus, on Thursday evening, friends, curious onlookers and fans of the winner of the “Aiguille d’Or” Grand Prix at the 2011 Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, congreated in this refined setting topped by a white arch specially set up for the event.
TimeCrafters New York 2012


TimeCrafters is the first luxury watchmaking fair to take place in the United States.

Previously, American aficionados had nowhere to meet the world’s leading watchmaking brands. TimeCrafters is conceived to satisfy the public’s thirst for knowledge, and its desire to admire the year’s new models up close. Fine Watch brands share a dedication to excellence in the art and science of watchmaking, a centuries-old craft whose expertise is beyond compare.

De Bethune booth n° 22 at Park Avenue Armory, Manhattan.
Salon Internacional Alta Relojeria Mexico 2012


Every fall, in the heart of Mexico City at the “Four Seasons” hotel, The SIAR welcomes the world’s most influential watch brands in a platform that stands unparalleled in the Americas. A true gathering of the haute horlogerie art, each successive edition has managed, through launches and creations, to turn this event into a global benchmark in which brands, creators, retailers, collectors, watchmaking aficionados, and a select group of connoisseurs come together in a busy showcase of the very best of the luxury world.

De Bethune booth at Foyer Guadalajara, “Four Seasons” hotel.
The Aiguille d'Or Grand Prix awarded to De Bethune for the DB28 watch


The prize-giving ceremony for the 11th Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix (GPHG) took place in the Grand Théâtre de Genève on Saturday 19th 2011, in the presence of the President of the Swiss Confederation, Mrs Micheline Calmy‐Rey, along with Genevan authorities and 1,500 personalities from the watchmaking world.

This event has established itself as a highlight in the international watchmaking calendar. The 2011 edition brought together in Geneva some of the most influential figures in the industry, who came from around the world to attend the ceremony, compered by Simon de Pury and Natacha Wenger, and to witness the live revelation of this year's laureates.

The international jury of this 11th edition, composed of watchmaking professionals, awarded the "Aiguille d'Or" Grand Prix, the supreme award honouring the best timepiece of the year, to the DB28 model by De Bethune.