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CempasĂșchil II

On the occasion of Mexico’s SIAR watch show, De Bethune presents the “Cempasuchil II”, a new one-of-a-kind creation in its Maestri’art collection.

Twin sides! Two dials, two faces, two identities...
Hovering between life and death, with a touch of naughty humour,
just like the joyous and colourful Mexican Day of the Dead celebration!

De Bethune is once again celebrating Mexico's Day of the Dead with the Kind-of-Two watch. Denis Flageollet, since launching the Kind-of-Two in 2020, enjoys surprising people with its double-sided design. He's eager to create unique timepieces based on collector requests. To kick off this custom watch festival, Denis collaborates with Swiss Art engraver Michèle Rothen, showcasing the watch's full potential with extraordinary engraving.

They bring back the characters from the DW5  Cempasuchil and depict them in a fun and cheeky way on the double-sided Kind-of-Two watch. One side features two Calaveras indicating hours and minutes, while the other showcases a hidden, mischievous scene that comes to life at the press of a button. The engraving pays homage to José Guadalupe Posada, the Mexican artist known for making the dead dance in the late 19th century. The titanium casing is polished and adorned with subtle gold inlays.

De Bethune

DW5 Empreinte

The austerity of metal transformed into an expression of life. 

The new DW5 Empreinte, a one-of-a-kind creation belonging to the Maestri'art collection, stems from collaboration between Denis Flageollet, founder and master-watchmaker of De Bethune and Clara Martin, designer and winner of the first De Bethune/ECAL prize in 2019. 

Firstly, there is the pictural research Empreinte (imprint) used by Clara Martin to design the motif on the case. Secondly, the Empreinte (stamp) of technical innovation made by Denis Flageollet with a world-first presentation of a titanium surface that is both blackened and blued. Thirdly, the Empreinte (impression) left on the material by Michèle Rothen’s hand engraving. Fourth, the Empreinte (trace) of research in which the connotations of metal and cold and sterile black are transformed into a fascinating, delicate, sensitive object with an almost natural appearance. Finally, the Empreinte (mark) made on all young designers by Pierre Soulages' prolific work in structuring light through black and blue. 

This one-of-a-kind creation reveals itself to us and questions our preconceptions. It creates a surprise effect by the rippling pattern that evolves in step with its environment. Clara’s work reveals all the complexity of the colour black by creating a poetic link with observers who see in it a revelation of their own projections. 

Clara describes her craft as "the means of conveying through an object the beauty of a material and a unique skill". The challenge of making black and titanium vibrant and poetic thanks to the finesse of the “light design” was achieved with the help of Denis Flageollet's expertise and passion. 

De Bethune

DW5 CempasĂșchil

As every year in Mexico on the Day of the Dead, the Cempasúchil blossom sings the joy of an enduring celebration. This timekeeper is the outcome of a three-way dialogue: A conversation that spans two eras, between two exceptional art engravers. The first is José Guadalupe Posada, the legendary Mexican engraver and chisel virtuoso who made the dead dance at the end of the 19th century. His work is interpreted with the contemporary talent of Swiss Art engraver Michèle Rothen, working in close concert with Denis Flageollet, master watchmaker and founder of De Bethune. The alliance of blued titanium and gold,  new technology for combining the two metals reaching beyond the challenge of a contemporary reinterpretation of the Mexican artist's engravings, Denis Flageollet and Michèle Rothen introduce the additional technical challenges of not only working with a titanium case, but also of having it flame-blued, hand-engraved, and decorated for the first time with delicate gold inserts, as well as engraved to magnify the Cempasúchil blossoms. And to take the level of difficulty a few notches higher still, several different types of 18K gold alloy are used. Engraving was particularly difficult on this piece because titanium already presents a challenge in itself. Combining it with gold was an insane challenge. Engraving them together added yet another degree of difficulty.

De Bethune

Maestri'Art DW5 Armilia

De Bethune delves into the fantastic universe of graphic novel artist François Schuiten – also known as the “Watchmaker of Dreams” – and engages in a dialogue with the enigmatic world of Les Cités Obscures (literally: The Obscure Cities) which in turn reverberates in the very structure of DW5 Armilia. Eschewing the dictates of scale and proportion, Denis Flageollet, Master Watchmaker and co-founder of De Bethune, passionate about The Obscure Cities, has imagined a wrist-sized sculpture, engraved as a direct reference to a drawing of the underground City of Armilia. With DW5 Armilia, De Bethune has created a fascinating work that stands as an immutable marker on the frontier between the world of art and that of watchmaking. The watch testifies to a vision of unbridled creativity, anchored in a profound understanding and respect for the great master watchmakers of the past whose work it transcends and magnifies.

De Bethune

Maestri'Art II

In China, symbols play a prominent role in art, culture and daily life. Whether ancient or more modern, Chinese koi symbols are found in the decoration of objects and furniture. In 2018, De Bethune created a timepiece paying tribute to the finesse and extreme delicacy of the Asian engravings generally adorning bronze vases. Faithful to the spirit of Chinese engravers and poets, the delicately engraved titanium dial is hand blued and embellished with gold particles depicting a ‘choreography’ performed by the carp and dragon. The effect is further enhanced by 12 diamonds serving as hours and minutes markers, while adding a unique and precious radiance.

De Bethune

Maestri'Art I

In 2018, De Bethune drew inspiration from Japanese Tsubas in creating an entirely engraved and resolutely contemporary timepiece paying tribute to the shared heritage of goldsmiths and watchmakers. Historically, Tsuba was a small circular piece placed on Japanese swords as a guard, serving to protect the samurai's hand when the opponent's blade slipped on his sword. Today, De Bethune reinterprets it with inlaid and engraved gold animal motifs that transcend matter by infusing it with strength and light, just like the dragon perched on the clouds and stretching over the entire piece, across the dial and caseband onto the back of the watch – defied by a tiger in its role as master of the bamboo forest, symbolising power, courage, bravery and ferocity.

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