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DB10 réedition

The DB10 is one of the watches that most vividly embodies the early days of the brand. It has maintained the key characteristics of this classic model released in 2003, notably including an original slender case secured by palladium screws, an incomparably legible dial, along with the cone-shaped lugs featured right from the creation of the brand in 2002 and that were extremely innovative at the time. Issuing this re-edition in 2011, De Bethune took the opportunity to equip it with an in-house self-winding six-day calibre. The dial side features a date display appearing in the centre along with its original hand-crafted silver-toned guilloché motif. 

De Bethune


Quintessential 21st century watchmaking art expressed through a perpetual calendar. In 2004, making a first such appearance in a wristwatch, the spherical moon-phase indication emerging from a subdial and spinning on its own axis. This configuration makes it possible to provide an extremely accurate depiction of the heavenly body’s movements, much as one can observe them in real life. The perpetual calendar mechanism, the first to be entirely made within the Manufacture, is equipped with a world-first additional fast date-adjustment mechanism via an intermediate winding-crown position. In addition, the leap years are marked by the eclipse of a star generally appearing beneath the moon.

De Bethune


In 2006, De Bethune reveals an unusual and bold interpretation of a digital timepiece equipped with an instantaneous calendar providing in-line aperture-type displays of the days, dates and months, along with jumping hours and minutes windows. Its anthracite dial is adorned with “Côtes De Bethune” decorative motif, the first use of this type of pattern. The back reveals the De Bethune star-studded sky inlaid with gold stars and its spherical moon phase spinning on its own axis. The DBD also features the cone-shape lugs distinguishing all De Bethune models. 

De Bethune


In 2008, the DB26 introduces us to a resolutely contemporary-looking model. The first aspect that catches the attention are the sapphire hands rimmed with hand-blued steel hands. They are designed and developed to ensure perfect transparency enabling the easy readings of all the indications displayed through the perpetual calendar windows. ON the right side, the spherical moon phase spinning on its own axis. Two blued steel indices pointing to the month and day also appear through apertures for enhanced legibility. Floating lugs are another signature of the Maison, and it was on the DB26 that De Bethune first unveiled this patented system ensuring perfect adjustment both to size and to wrist movements.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

De Bethune

DB25 Maya

In 2012, when humankind entered the new underworld predicted by the Mayan calendar, De Bethune created an exceptional edition in tribute to the scholarly traditions of this civilisation. Inspired of the ceramics and stones sculpted by Mayan scribes, the solid gold dial of these timepieces is hand-engraved and enhanced by 31 flame-blued inlays. The hours ring bears the numerals of the Mayan numbering system, while the inner ring depicts glyphs or divinities, animals and sacred objects representing the various days of the calendar. At the centre dial sits the baktun, a period glyph that represent the “Long Count” corresponding to 144,000 days. So as to highlight the subtle visual balance of the dial, the hands are made from blued steel-rimmed sapphire based on an exclusive De Bethune process.          

De Bethune

DB25 Tourbillon Regulator

De Bethune revisits the tourbillon as an authentic wristworn regulator, an historical breakthrough in the evolution of mechanical watches. This masterpiece is revealed only on the back of the watch, to genuine connoisseurs capable of comprehending its passionately subtle features, and also of appreciating the inner power and beauty of the fired-blue hand-crafted titanium dial studded with golden stars like the night sky, along with the evocation of the most famous 18th century clocks through the hour and minute ring in a sterling silver that is destined to acquire a sublime patina over the years.

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